The Day comes

After 7 months, 2 weeks and 1 day finally came a day, when the slalom course destroyed by the August ´s flood was open. The water doesn´t flow all long so far, because electrical control of the shutting flap is not repaired yet and there is too much water in the river. In the case, that you want to train, I recomend you asking these people, because some complications might happen.

Jaroslav Froněk mobil:721 986 477 tel.:315 725 185 
Joľka email:

In this occasion I want to thank to all, who help us in hard times - by own work, with organisation and by financial aid:

Roland Einert and his Saxon friends
Coswiger KV
Dukla Brandýs
Jarin from Hradec Králové and his fellows
Friends from Mariánské Lázně

and of course thanks to our poor hands that they hold it out. But they still will have to hold it out for some time...