ceska verze
Short description of the area

White-water channel is built in former side channel at Miĝejovice weir (river kilometer 18.0). Its original use was transportation of wooden rafts. Reconstruction started in 1983 and was finished within several years. There are continuously some small changes made and also background facility was built. Picture 1 shows north perspective of the weir (channel is closed) picture 2 presents channel scheme with close individual views

Channel length is 600 m, 350 m out of it is used for the actual slalom channel. Channel drop is 3.5 m, its depth varies from 0.5 to 1.5 m. Flow volume depends on actual river water level and also on activity of electric power plant placed on the other side of the river. It usualy fluctuates between 9 - 12 m3/s. Obstacles are made from wooden panels in steel frames or pipes alternatively used tyres fill with concrete. Obstacles are covered at potentially dangerous places by rubber straps.

Background and hygienic facility is provided by boat house built in 1997- 1998.

Longer stay needs to be agreed in advance as particularly in summer water is released only at certain hours and this must be co-ordinated with power plant staff before actual training.